Fat To Fit – Part 3

Eating a small snack of eatables mentioned in previous article is for healthy people with no health issues.But for obese people I would prefer them to stick to Dr Dixit’s diet plan which says eat only two meals in a day.If you feel hungry in between you could drink freshly prepared thin buttermilk.

As per the research done by Dr Jagganath Dixit he says that more often you eat every time your pancreas releases Insulin to metabolise glucose present in the food.Over a period of time there is lot of excess insulin saturated in your blood which leads to insulin resistance and all other complications related to it which I have mentioned in my previous article.

Now those who really want to get leaner and fitter have to strictly follow the things mentioned below:

1)Cut down all sugars from your diet.

2)Stop eating all bakery products and refined flours.

3)Stop drinking carbonated drinks and ready made packet juices.

4)Control on deep fried and oily food stuff.

5)Stop all fast food and junk food from your diet.

6)Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet and increase amount of proteins in the diet with some veggies.

7)Stop all frozen food stuff and canned food items.

8)Cook fresh and eat fresh should be your policy.

9)Stick to your regular meal timings.

10)Eat all food groups in proper proportions.

(To Be continued )

Dr Swati H.Anvekar(B.A.M.S)
Aarogyaa Ayurvedic Clinic
Mapusa Goa

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