Fat To Fit – Part 4

Now surely many people will get confused with the term food groups.So let me highlight some information about these food groups.The basic food groups which we eat are Carbohydrates ,Protein,Fat,Minerals and Vitamins.All these groups are essential for healthy body and mind.

Carbohydrates is the food group which provides energy to our body and includes food items like cereals and millets eg ragi,rice,wheat,barley,jowar,

Bajari etc.Also the sweetners like sugar,Jaggery,honey,molasses are also form of carbohydrates only.

Proteins are the food groups which are useful in body building and health of muscles.All pulses,dals milk and milk products,meat,fish and eggs are rich in protein.

Fats also give good amount of energy when consumed in small amount and it also gives feeling of satiety after having food.All oils,butter,cheese,ghee are the fat group.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for building bodies immune system and maintain health of body structures like skin,hairs,bones,nails and also important vital organs of our body.All fruits,green leafy vegetables,fruit vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and minerals.

Now when ever you are eating food see that it incorporates all the important food groups in you two meals.Once your body gets used to such healthy eating habits your craving for sugars fast food and junk food will start reducing on its own.

Research says that only malnourished body has severe craving for fast food,junk food and sugars.Its due to severe lack of nutrients in the body.

A person struggling with Obesity should reduce the amount of carbohydrates in his or her diet and add more of proteins and vegetables.Doing this will help in reducing saturation of fat in the body.This will also improve the muscle health and gradually reduce the weight.This is the finding of research done by many leading doctors and nutrition experts.

(To Be continued )

Dr Swati H.Anvekar(B.A.M.S)

Aarogyaa Ayurvedic Clinic

Mapusa Goa


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