Fat To Fit Part 5

The scenario seen in majority of obese people is they hate eating fruits,vegetables,dals,pulses but they love eating huge amounts of carbohydrates in every meal they have.It could be in form of sweet dishes,desserts,fast food like pizzas,burgers,noodles,pasta etc,all kinds of bakery products like bread,cake,pastry,biscuits,patties Etc.They love junk food like samosa,Wada,farsan,chiwra etc.Along with this they are addicted to carbonated drinks,readymade juices,tea,coffee which contains lots of sugar added to it.What do you feel all these food items load your precious bodies with its non other than loads of unwanted calories and zero nutrients.

That’s the reason we should eat healthy to nourish our bodies.Because we are what we eat.Eating excess amount of carbohydrates will provide huge amount

Of glucose in our body out which un utilised glucose is stored as fat in our body it could be subcutaneous fat or in form of visceral fat.

Hence many nutritionist say that for a body to keep burning excess fat it should be provided restricted amounts of sugars or zero sugars only than will our body utilities fat for energy production.We also get essential amounts of sugar from the carbohydrates we eat in our diet.So why should we overload our body with sugars unnecessarily.Sugars are just sweetners and calories providers.They harm our body more than the benefit they have.So to shred of those extra kilos from your body you have to cut down eating sugars completely from your diet.

(To Be continued )

Dr Swati H.Anvekar(B.A.M.S)

Aarogyaa Ayurvedic Clinic

Mapusa Goa


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